nooli is a financial inclusion
fintech business.

We design and run innovative, technology-driven customer journeys that improve each customer’s credit history enabling them to access better financial products at better prices.




At nooli, we help anyone who has been denied access to affordable credit because they don’t have much of a credit payment history or because they have made mistakes with credit in the past. You may recognise yourself here if you have ever been refused credit or taken credit with a painfully high interest rate. This might have been for a credit card or a loan, or it might have been as simple as being refused a mobile phone contract.

Whatever it was, it hurts to be told “no” or to pay through the nose for products or services when you know that you are old enough, wise enough and responsible enough to successfully manage the credit you were looking for.

You are not alone. There are almost 20 million adults in the UK today who cannot get credit or who are charged a premium price for it if they can. The good news is that nooli solves this problem. 


 Def: an act of travelling from one place to another


At nooli, we build customer journeys that take you from being denied affordable credit today to accessing better priced credit in the future. Along the way, we teach you important things about financial products and managing your personal finances so that when you finish one of our customer journeys, you feel more confident about making financial decisions. 

Our Journeys



Grow your savings to unlock a better credit history… for free

We built our LOQBOX customer journey when we realised that many of you are as concerned about saving as you are about accessing reasonably priced credit. LOQBOX puts your two biggest financial concerns together and helps you take control of them as part of a free customer journey


Credit Improver

Credit Improver can help you kick-start your credit score or your money back.

The Credit Improver customer journey is perfect for you if you are struggling to get credit other than high-interest, short-term credit (sometimes called Payday loans). It is the first step on the credit ladder for aspirational people who feel blocked by the credit system. That’s why has it as “Best Buy – if you can’t get any credit card.”


Who We are



Tom Eyre, CEO
and co-founder

Tom has over a decade of experience in personal financial services, particularly insolvency and debt management. In 2012, when his little sister was refused credit to buy a sofa, frustration with the inflexibility of the credit-scoring system drove him to start creating solutions to help people build their credit history to access fairly priced credit. Tom is regularly featured in the national press and provides expert comment for features on finance, credit and lending. 


Gregor Mowat, CFO
and co-founder

A former partner with global audit and advisory firm KPMG, Gregor has seen first-hand how many people are excluded from accessing fairly priced credit either because they are young with little or no credit history, or because they have made past credit mistakes. Tom, Gregor and Julie co-founded nooli after setting themselves a mission to find solutions to this problem that work for both the lenders and these financially excluded groups. 


Julie Eyre, Head of Customer Relations and co-founder

As a former scientist and assessor, Julie brings a variety of skills to the team. From the very start, Julie has been able to shape the nooli journeys for our customers as well as help to build our educational content. Julie makes sure our customer journeys are the best they can be. And, if you have questions for us, it will be Julie and her team who make sure you get the answers you need.